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def nautilus_image_manipulator::NautilusImageManipulatorDialog::NautilusImageManipulatorDialog::on_resizing_done (   self,
Triggered when all the images have been resized

Definition at line 130 of file NautilusImageManipulatorDialog.py.

        """Triggered when all the images have been resized"""
        # Only pack and send the images if the process was not canceled and if there is at least one image to pack
        if self.builder.get_object("send_checkbutton").get_active() and not self.processingCanceled and len(im.newFiles) > 0:
            if self.builder.get_object("upload_radiobutton").get_active():
                # The user wants to upload to a website
                if len(im.newFiles) > 1:
                    # There are more than one image, zip the files together and upload the zipfile
                    im.connect("packing_done", self.on_packing_done)
                    task = im.pack_images()
                    # There is only one image, send that image alone (don't zip the file)
                    self.upload_file(im, im.newFiles[0])
            elif self.builder.get_object("send_email_radiobutton").get_active():
                # The user wants to send the images via email, send them as attachments
                # TODO: implement the sending as email attachments
            # The user doesn't want to send the images, we're done!

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