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def nautilus_image_manipulator::ImageManipulations::ImageManipulations::pack_images (   self )
Creates a zip file containing the modified files

Definition at line 107 of file ImageManipulations.py.

        """Creates a zip file containing the modified files"""
        # TODO: Verify that all the files to be zipped are valid files (can be untrue if scale==100%)
        # Generate the name of the zipfile
        dirname = os.path.dirname(self.origFiles[0])
        if not dirname:
            # Put the zipfile in the user's home folder if no base directory name could be determined.
            dirname = os.path.expanduser("~")
        zipname = "images" # Default filename
        if self.subdirectoryName:
            zipname = self.subdirectoryName
        if self.appendString:
            zipname = self.appendString
        # Sanitize the name of the zipfile
        zipname = zipname.strip() # Strip whitespace
        # Remove starting non-alphabetic characters
        i = 0
        for c in zipname:
            if c.isalpha():
            i += 1
        zipname = "%s.zip" % zipname[i:]
        # Create the final zip file name
        self.zipfile = os.path.join(dirname, zipname)
        # Zip the files into a PKZIP format .zip file
        zout = zipfile.ZipFile(self.zipfile, "w")
        i = float(0)
        for fname in self.newFiles:
            # TODO: make sure the name of the images are unique (could not be true if using appendString)
            # TODO: This will crash if an invalid filename is passed (can be the case with scale==100%)
            zout.write(fname, os.path.basename(fname), zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED)
            i += 1
            percent = i / self.numFiles
            self.resizeDialog.builder.get_object("progress_progressbar").set_text("%s %d%%" % (_("Packing images..."), int(percent * 100)))
            # There's more work, return True
            yield True
        zout.close() # Close the zip file
        # TODO: check with zipfile.is_zipfile(self.zipfile) and ZipFile.testzip() if the generated zipfile is valid
        # Signal we are done packing
        self.emit("packing_done", self.zipfile)
        # No more work, return False
        yield False

gobject.signal_new("resizing_done", ImageManipulations, gobject.SIGNAL_RUN_FIRST, gobject.TYPE_NONE, ())
gobject.signal_new("packing_done", ImageManipulations, gobject.SIGNAL_RUN_FIRST, gobject.TYPE_NONE, (gobject.TYPE_STRING, ))

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