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def nautilus_image_manipulator::ImageManipulations::ImageManipulations::resize_images (   self )
Loops over all files to resize them.

Definition at line 41 of file ImageManipulations.py.

        """Loops over all files to resize them."""
        if self.geometry != "100%":
            i = float(0)
            self.newFiles = []
            for f in self.origFiles:
                (skip, cancel, newFileName) = self.resize_one_image(f)
                if cancel:
                if not skip:
                i += 1
                percent = i / self.numFiles
                self.resizeDialog.builder.get_object("progress_progressbar").set_text("%s %d%%" % (_("Resizing images..."), int(percent * 100)))
                # There's more work, return True
                yield True
            # If scaling to 100%, don't actually resize files (it would just degrade the quality)
            self.newFiles = self.origFiles
        # Signal we are done resizing
        # No more work, return False
        yield False

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